Life Lessons from Sparky Squirrel

Life Lessons from Sparky Squirrel” is an enchanting voyage into the woodland world, where creatures teach us about bravery, generosity, endurance, wisdom, and the intrinsic value of all life. Through the tales of Sparky, a sprightly young squirrel full of vigor and curiosity, readers are introduced to a series of powerful life lessons that illuminate… Continue reading Life Lessons from Sparky Squirrel

Sparky Squirrel

You found the online drey of Sparky Squirrel which is maintained by “The Squirrel Whisperers”. A couple who adores watching the antics of Sparky and her friends. It all began during the summer of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were sheltering at home in our drey, just like everyone else; when a hurricane rolled through and… Continue reading Sparky Squirrel

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